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Forest Pet Cemetery

Forest Pet Cemetery provides a serene and natural burial space to reunite animal members of our families with the earth in simplicity and respect.

spring meadow at Willow-Witt Ranch

This is Willow-Witt Ranch, home to Oregon’s newest natural pet cemetery.

Owners Suzanne Willow and Lanita Witt are dedicated to the conservation of this 445-acre gem located at 5000’ elevation within the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument near Ashland.  Since 1985, they have focused on working with nature to regenerate balanced working forests and wetlands and to improve wildlife habitat through land conservation, restoration, and organic agriculture.

Forest Pet Cemetery joins Oregon’s first dedicated green burial cemetery, The Forest Conservation Burial Ground, which opened on the ranch in June of 2020.  In this serene setting of mature conifers, oaks and native grasses, your family can celebrate the life of a lost or deceased pet.  Our pets provide companionship and unconditional love; this bond continues after their death. At Forest Pet Cemetery, the natural burial of companion animals or cremated remains will return these beloved family members to the earth in simplicity and dignity.  The paths and benches of the 4-acre cemetery invite visits, contemplation, strolling and picnics.

Pets’ bodies can be interred in biodegradable cloth shrouds or cardboard boxes, (or simple wooden caskets at extra cost.)  Cremated remains can be buried in biodegradable urns, or directly into the earth.  Areas are set aside for scattering cremated remains among volcanic rock outcroppings.  Burial sites will be marked with bronze survey markers. Simple markers of stone native to the site can be engraved and placed on graves, or a plaque honoring your pet can be added to our memorial stone walls.  Our website will feature photos and stories of the beloved pets interred at Forest Pet Cemetery.

For additional information about green pet burial, visit the Green Pet Burial Society.

wildflowers in meadow near the Conservation Pet Cemetery at Willow-Witt Ranch

About Willow-Witt Ranch

Willow-Witt Ranch is proud to be a good steward of this unique ecosystem. We work daily to enhance the health of the land, water, and air and to provide education and certified organic food for our local communities. We strive to promote the health of ourselves, our employees and the community.

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