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Forest Pet Cemetery

Frequently Asked Questions

What options are available to me at time of loss of my pet?

At Forest Pet Cemetery, we offer whole body burial of your pet, interment of cremated remains and scattering of cremated remains. For interments, a bronze survey disc will be installed with your pet’s name and death date. You may choose to purchase a stone from the ranch that we will have engraved for you.

When should I contact Forest Pet Cemetery?

If this is an expected or scheduled death of your pet, you are welcome to contact us before the death occurs. You are welcome to visit the cemetery for a tour and to select your plot. We can select the plot on your behalf as well. If the death has already occurred and immediate burial is desired, call us as soon as possible. We may need up to 48 hours to have the hand-dug grave prepared for burial.

What should I do if my pet dies at home?

There is no hurry. Put plastic down and then newspaper or a blanket to place your pet on. Cover with another towel or blanket. If keeping your pet at home, you may choose to use dry ice or ice packs to keep the body cool. Your veterinarian can also provide refrigeration services.

What if my pet dies while at the veterinarian?

There is no hurry. Most clinics will have refrigeration available. You may choose to bring your pet home or to pick them up from your vet prior to the burial.

What is allowed for a shroud or container for my pet?

All materials buried must be biodegradable. Simple shrouds or wraps of natural materials are welcome, as are rigid containers of wood or cardboard. For rigid containers that require a larger grave, an additional fee will be charged.

Can I participate in the burial process?

Yes! This is part of what makes green burial at Forest Pet Cemetery special. Each burial is unique; some families wish to participate in the process while others prefer to witness. Family members and friends are invited to participate in all aspects of the burial: digging and decorating the grave, carrying/lowering the body, and closing the grave. We encourage those who can to engage at their comfort level with the meaningful work of closing the grave.

When can I visit my pets grave?

Forest Pet Cemetery is open daily from dawn to dusk. Please follow all rules and regulations when visiting the cemetery and Willow-Witt Ranch.

Are there memorial options available?

Yes, in addition to the survey marker and an engraved stone, you may choose to memorialize your pet with a native shrub planting, bench, wall plaque, or tree plaque. Please inquire with cemetery staff for details.

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