Autumn Greetings from The Forest

November 2, 2021
2022 Autumnal Equinox gathering at The Forest Conservation Burial Ground
2022 Autumnal Equinox gathering at The Forest Conservation Burial Ground
2022 Autumnal Equinox gathering at The Forest Conservation Burial Ground

Celebrating Autumn

Poetry, silence, laughter and connection with the trees: this is how we marked the arrival of autumn with a sweet gathering at The Forest. The shedding of the pine’s needles this time of year reminds us to consider what we might shed in our lives, and how this letting go might be the nourishment needed for what’s ahead.

At the time of the astronomical equinox, we supported a family in laying to rest a wonderful man whose legacy of love and laughter is now a part of The Forest. This was our 10th burial, and we were touched by the friends and family of all ages who completely closed the grave themselves in their final goodbye.

Honoring nature and welcoming our community to come together for each seasonal transition is important to us, and we will continue to offer these gatherings. So, mark your calendars for the Winter Solstice Celebration on Sunday, December 19, 2021, 3-4pm.

Ponderosa pine tree at The Forest Conservation Burial Ground
Ponderosa pine needles closeup
Ponderosa pine cone closeup

Species Spotlight

Ponderosa Pine

The forested areas here comprise conifers and oaks, native shrubs, grasses and wildflowers. The Ponderosa Pine, Pinus ponderosa, is predominant throughout the burial ground. You can identify this stately species by its tall, straight and thick trunk, and by its flexible, long needles. Take a sniff of the plate-like bark and you might detect scents of vanilla or butterscotch. In the fall, the pines shed older needles which nourish life on the forest floor.


Seasonal Shifts
and Climate Observations

autumn meadow grasses

We have been working since 1985 to understand and foster health in this complex and unique ecosystem.  The land has been our teacher about forests, soils, water, and environmental impacts as well as prior industrial intrusions.

We have worked to develop continued functional ecosystems in response to the ever-changing pressure of climate change.  We have seen first hand the changes in plant populations and diseases, animal presence and absence in response to climate change-induced drought and warmer temperatures.

Your participation in The Forest Conservation Burial Ground is part of a plan to invest in these ecosystem supports and adaptations to reduce global warming in anyway possible and to preserve, protect, and adapt as a legacy for all the people of the land that is Willow-Witt Ranch.

More News!

Great Gray Owl on fence post at The Forest Conservation Burial Ground

A Special Forest Visitor!

The past few weeks this land has been blessed with the presence of a Great Gray Owl. The owl kept watch over a recent burial, spending hours in the great entryway meadow. A week later, the owl stayed close while a family placed their loved one’s stone marker. Come up for a visit! You just might get a look at this stunningly beautiful being.

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