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Payment Plan Options

Pre-planning your burial can be a gift to your loved ones and a huge relief for you today. You have options when pre-planning for a natural burial at The Forest.

We are committed to promoting equitable access to natural burial; this is why we are pleased to offer payment plan options. If paying for an interment right in full is an option, you will receive a 5% discount at the time of purchase. If a payment plan is the better choice, you can choose to finance either the interment right, the open/closing/recording fee, or any pre-need services or merchandise. You can also finance all of these together. 


If purchasing an interment right, a deposit of $600 (Select plot) or $900 (Vista plot) is required. This is the amount we contribute upfront to the Endowment Care Fund to provide for care of the burial ground in perpetuity. 

Choose 2- or 3-Year Payment Plan

After the initial deposit, you can choose a 2- or 3-year payment option.

Depending upon the purchases or services you choose to finance, monthly payments will range from less than $150/month to approximately $300/month. Interest rates apply.

Please contact us to discuss the options that work best for you. 

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